We are a small cattery

All our cats live in our home, sleep on our beds, cuddle with our kids and are very loved!

We are members of Jydsk Racekatte Klub (JYRAK)

Healthy and happy cats are the keywords for us.

We wish to breed healthy cats with a great temperament, and secondarily cats who follow the written standard. Our kittens are included in our family life, as the rest of our cats - they are where we are.

Approved cattery & Diploma breeder

Our cattery is "Approved" by our cat club, which means that in addition to following the rules for breeders under a FIFé federation club, we and our home live up to a number of requirements about living conditions. There has been a consultant visiting, to approve this. In addition Mette is a Felis Danica Diploma breeder and has completed a medicin handling course with veterinarian Anders Friis Pedersen. She allso has been on the board of Jydsk Racekatte klub (JYRAK) since 2010 and in Felis Danica's Breed council since 2021.

All kittens leaving our home, will of course be followed by their pedigree, have their vaccinations, ID chip and be debugged and neutered, unless sold for breeding – all to give the kitten, as well as the new family, a good start on a long and happy life together.


Mette Mejdahl & Jimmy Juncker

6715 Esbjerg N


Phone: +45 25 15 28 22

Mail: mette.mejdahl(a)gmail.com