It is a small cattery

All cats live in our home, sleeps on our beds, cuddles with our kids and are very loved! We are members of Jydsk Racekatte Klub (JYRAK) and Rex & Sphynx klubben.

Healthy and happy cats are the keywords for us.

We wish to make healthy cats with a great temperament, and secondly cats who follows the written standard. Our kittens are included in our family, as the rest of our cats - they are where we are.

Approved cattery

Our cattery is "Approved" by our cat club, which means that in addition to following the general rules for breeders under a FIFé federation club, we/our home live up to a number of requirements, that there has been a consultantant visiting, to approve this.

All kittens leaving our home, will of cause be equipped with their pedigree, vaccinations, ID chip, be debugged and neutered if sold as a pet – all together to give the kitten, as well as the new family, a good start on a long and happy life together.


Mette Mejdahl & Jimmy Juncker

6715 Esbjerg N


Phone: +45 25 15 28 22

Mail: mette.mejdahl(a)