• Breed: Peterbald
  • Sex: Female
  • Color: Black bicolor, Straight coated
  • Birth: 24'th of september 2019
  • PRA CEP290: N/N (Normal)
  • Breeder: Mette Mejdahl & Jimmy Juncker
  • Felis Danica pedigree
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Pure Joy aka "Mivs", is a sweet and loving cat - we often argue about who sho loves the most, mom or dad?! (clearly she's mommy's girl! <3 )

She's a lady and has a stare that can kill - but really she's the sweetest girl :)

DK Petheaven Rolf

  • Breed: Peterbald
  • Sex: Male (neuter)
  • Color: Seal pointed with white, Straight coated
  • Birth: 15'th of February 2021
  • Breeder: Mette Mejdahl & Jimmy Juncker
  • Felis Danica pedigree
  • Photos

Rolf is Agnes' cuddly-cat :-)

He is the funniest cat, who allways finds something crazy to do.

Rolf is clearly Agnes' cat, he rarely lets anyone else stroke him - only Agnes is allowed to do so the rest of us can only "clap" him :-D


  • Breed: Peterbald
  • Sex: Male
  • Color: Chocolate, Brush
  • Birth: 27th of marts 2011
  • PRA CEP290: N/N (Normal)
  • PK def: N/N (Normal)
  • Breeder: Indre Poceviciute
  • Felis Danica pedigree
  • Photos

Klondike aka "Kronk", is our first Peterbald. He is an absolutely sweetheart and has a fantastic temperament :-) He fathered two litters in 2012, and all his kittens inherited his fantastic temper! Klondike has become both grand- and great-grandfather since :-)

He has now ended his stud career and has become a happy neuter, who will stay with us - we simply can't live without him! <3 We are so happy to have him and will be forever grateful to Indre Poceviciute, for letting us take this amazing boy to Denmark!

HCM scan

Date Place Veteranarian Result
08.03.2016 Bygholm Dyrehospital Gustaf Valentiner-Branth Normal


Date Place Class Judge Result
11.01.2014 Brædstrup 9 Hanne Sofie Sneum CAC, BIS, BOB 4
12.02.2014 Brædstrup 9 Laura Boshoven-Scholten CAC
29.03.2014 Hedensted 9 Yan Roca Folch CAC, NOM
30.03.2014 Hedensted 9 Pia Nyman CACIB
14.06.2014 Solingen, DE 7 (S. Drieling) L. Comorio CACIB
15.06.2014 Solingen, DE 7 Sabine Drieling CACIB
21.06.2014 Vrå 5 Elena Noskova CAGCIB
22.06.2014 Vrå 5 Sabine Drieling CAGCIB, NOM
05.07.2014 Herning 5 Hanne Sofie Sneum CAGCIB, BIS, BOB 3
06.09.2014 Vorbasse 5 Fabrice Calmés CAGCIB, NOM
07.07.2014 Vorbasse 5 Marc Crastucci CAGCIB, NOM
25.10.2014 Prag, CZ 5 Jørgen Billing CAGCIB
15.11.2014 Vissenbjerg 5 Marc Crastucci CAGCIB
16.11.2014 Vissenbjerg 5 Pia Nyrup CAGCIB