DK*Wehnert's Mille Fleur

  • Breed: Europæisk korthår
  • Sex: Hunkastrat
  • Color: Sort sølv blotched tabby
  • Birth: 14. maj 2009
  • Breeder: Susanne & Claus Wehnert

Mille Fleur is our European Shorthair, a black silver bloched tabby girl - and a wonderful specimen! Mille is the heir after Puss', who lived here and gave us the first Petheaven Europé kittens :o) Mille is a girl who loves all and everyone! She is our son Julius' cat and he loves her very much and protects her like she was made of glass :o)

Her temperement can not be discribed with words - you have to see it for youself! She is super beautiful, very symmetric and with the prettyist little face. Special thanks to Susanne & Claus Wehnert, for letting us have this darling girl!

CH. DK Petheaven KiloWatt

  • Breed: Peterbald
  • Sex: Female
  • Color:
  • Birth:
  • PRA CEP290: N/rdAc (Bærer)
  • PK def: N/N (Normal)
  • Breeder: Mette Mejdahl

Watt is our little graceful girl - if you don't know her and just have seen a picture of her, you would think, that she is just a very sweet little princess, but when you get to know her, you will discover, that she is actually a demanding, loud and all eating "monster" - but we love her anyway ;-)

Her looks shows a very fine and elegant cat, with a very nice straight profile. Her fur is brush, but very sparse, verging to beeing flock. Watt has had two litters, with 6 and 7 kittens in, and will be neutered when her latest litter is weaned.


Date Place Class Judge Result
21.06.2014 Vrå 9 Elena Noskova CAC
22.06.2014 Vrå 9 Sabine Drieling CAC
05.07.2014 Herning 9 Hanne Sofie Sneum CAC
06.09.2014 Vorbasse 7 Fabice Calmés CACIB, NOM
07.09.2014 Vorbasse 7 Martti Peltonen CACIB, NOM

Helmer Sort Sommerfugl

  • Breed: Huskat
  • Sex: Hankastrat
  • Color: Sort
  • Birth: 21. juli 2014
  • Breeder: ??

Helmer (His name means Helmer - Black Butterfly) is the housecat in our home - and he is Agnes' cat! ;-) He came to our home, with his brother Manfred, when they were 8 days old - their mother had sadly been killed in trafic - and they needed someone to give them some TLC - that someone, lives here! Jacquotte had just had a lonely child (our L-litter) and was not happy with just having one baby, so she was very happy to get two more! :-) Helmer & Manfred were about a week junger than our Peterbald baby, but beeing a housecat, they soon got bigger than our homemade baby ;-)

It was not the plan to keep one of theese kittens, but as time went by we all - including, to our big surprice, our old Oriental girl Nut! - fell in love with little Helmer <3 So after a LOT of persuasion, I talked his owner into letting me buy him :-D

Now Helmer rules the house, beeing the house-terroist or a messy-beast! He is tampering with everything, pushes things of tables and shelfs and as a whole, a bit of a pain in the a**... but at the same time, he manages to be such a sweetheart that you can't stay mad at him, for more than 5 seconds at a time

Helmer has already been at a couple of shows and been charming his way into the judges' hearts, with his beautiful mind and looks.


Date Place Class Judge Result
15.11.2014 Vissenbjerg 14 Pia Nyrup No. 2
16.11.2014 Vissenbjerg 14 Juan José Martinez Vizcaino No. 1, NOM, BOX
10.01.2015 Brædstrup 9 Bette Lind No. 1, NOM, BOX
11.01.2015 Brædstrup 9 Bette Lind No. 1, NOM, BIS

IP. O Feline Hawai

  • Breed: Peterbald
  • Sex: Female
  • Color:
  • Birth:
  • PRA CEP290: N/rdAc (bærer)
  • Breeder:

Hawai is a beautiful heigh-legged french lady, with a fantastic temper. She has a very fine and elegant body and a nice type, eventhough she has gained a little weight, after beeing neutered, she is still a very beautiful girl. She is Brush and has got very nice show results! :-) Hawai has been testet N/rdAc for PRA- she is a carrier.

HCM scan

Date Place Veteranarian Result
08.03.2016 Bygholm Dyrehospital Gustaf Valentiner-Branth


Date Place Class Judge Result
21.06.2014 Vrå 10 Elena Noskova CAP, NOM
22.06.2014 Vrå 9 Sabine Drieling CAP, BOX
05.07.2014 Herning 10 Hanne Sofie Sneum CAP, BIS, BOB 3
06.09.2014 Vorbasse 8 Fabice Calmés CAPIB, BOX
07.09.2014 Vorbasse 8 Marc Crastucci CAPIB, BOX
25.10.2014 Prag, CZ 8 Jørgen Billing CAPIB
15.11.2014 Vissenbjerg 6 Marc Crastucci CAGPIB, NOM
16.11.2014 Vissenbjerg 6 Pia Nyrup CAPIB
10.01.2015 Brædstrup 6 John Rudolph CAGPIB, NOM
11.01.2015 Brædstrup 6 Britta Busse CAGPIB, NOM


  • Breed: Peterbald
  • Sex: Male
  • Color: Chocolate
  • Birth: 27'th of marts 2011
  • PRA CEP290: N/N (Normal)
  • PK def: N/N (Normal)
  • Breeder: Indre Poceviciute

Klondike is our first breeding Peterbald. He is an absolutely sweetheart and has the loveliest temperament you can imagine - not your everyday stud! :-) He has fathered two litters in 2012, and all kittens has inherited his fantastic temper! Klondike has become a grandfather in 2013 :-)

He has now ended his stud career and has become a happy neuter, who will stay with us - we simply can't live without him! <3. We are so happy to have him and will be forever grateful to Indre Poceviciute, for letting us take this amazing boy to Denmark!

HCM scan

Date Place Veteranarian Result
08.03.2016 Bygholm Dyrehospital Gustaf Valentiner-Branth Normal


Date Place Class Judge Result
11.01.2014 Brædstrup 9 Hanne Sofie Sneum CAC, BIS, BOB 4
12.02.2014 Brædstrup 9 Laura Boshoven-Scholten CAC
29.03.2014 Hedensted 9 Yan Roca Folch CAC, NOM
30.03.2014 Hedensted 9 Pia Nyman CACIB
14.06.2014 Solingen, DE 7 (S. Drieling) L. Comorio CACIB
15.06.2014 Solingen, DE 7 Sabine Drieling CACIB
21.06.2014 Vrå 5 Elena Noskova CAGCIB
22.06.2014 Vrå 5 Sabine Drieling CAGCIB, NOM
05.07.2014 Herning 5 Hanne Sofie Sneum CAGCIB, BIS, BOB 3
06.09.2014 Vorbasse 5 Fabrice Calmés CAGCIB, NOM
07.07.2014 Vorbasse 5 Marc Crastucci CAGCIB, NOM
25.10.2014 Prag, CZ 5 Jørgen Billing CAGCIB
15.11.2014 Vissenbjerg 5 Marc Crastucci CAGCIB
16.11.2014 Vissenbjerg 5 Pia Nyrup CAGCIB