When you buy a kitten

Our kittens are primarily sold as pets, therefore they will be neutered when they leave us. If you ar looking fra a kitten for breeding, please contact us before the kitten is 10 weeks old!

All kittens leaving home, has their Felis Danica pedigree, first two vaccinations and will be debugged and neutered!

Kittens are only sold as indoor cats or to homes with a cat pen or cat-fenced garden.

Of cause our kittens are only sold to good and loving homes :o)

You may find the following comments on our kitten pictures:

  • NOT YET AVAILABLE - the kitten is not yet for sale
  • AVAILABLE - the kitten is looking for a new home
  • OPTION - someone has shown interest (deposit not yet payed)
  • RESERVED - the kitten has found his/her new home (deposit payed)
  • SOLD - the kitten has left our home
  • STAYS - the kitten stays in the cattery